Banned Drivers

Banned Drivers

Have you had your licence revoked, or been handed a ban by the magistrates court? Do you have to take a re-test, or extended driving test?

If so, once you have finish your ban, and hold a provisional licence, Manchester Driver Training Ltd can provide re-training to help you pass your driving test.

Our lessons reflect your needs and give recognition to the fact that you will more than likely already know how to drive a car, or have had some type of driving experience.

1 hour £22.90
1.5 hours £34.35
2 hours £45.80

Special Offer

Please find below the list of special offers we are offering to help you get back on the road.

Offer Prices

10 hours *£183.20!
Includes 8 hours at £22.90 per hour and 2 hours free