Changing Lanes Course

blind spots driving course

Sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision if it is safe to change lanes due to fast moving traffic or fear of making a mistake and driving into another vehicle.

The Manchester Driver Training changing lanes course is designed to help drivers feel confident in making decisions when changing lanes.

How the course works

The changing lane driving lesson course is 2 hours in duration and the cost starts at £78

The course is normally undertaken in the driving instructors training vehicle.

You will practice changing lanes on various types of roads e.g. when turning right at a junction or on dual carriageway etc.

You will practice using the “quick glance method” of checking the appropriate blindspot on the move.

Your allocated driving instructor normally starts the lesson from your home address and you finish back there.

This course is ideal for

  • Full licence holders who are hesitant or unsure when changing lanes.
  • Full licence holders who have had an accident when changing lane.
  • Learner drivers currently undertaking driving lessons with other driving schools who would like to learn this particular aspect of driving in greater detail, with a completely different driving instructor.

How to Book

send email to book

If you are interested in this course please send a booking form with your full requirements stating that you wish to undertake the changing lanes course.