Day Excursion Driving Course

blackpool tower coastline

Our day excursion driving course is a day trip out to either Blackpool or North Wales with you at the drivers seat following either a combination of Sat Nav directions and or road traffic signs.

This course is designed to allow the driver to plan a route to a North West UK holiday destination which takes in various types of roads including Motorways and Dual Carriageways.

The course will take in the scenery of the Blackpool Promenade or the North Wales coastline.

The course is designed to help the driver build up their confidence with regards to planning a trip to a seaside town.

Benefits of undertaking the Day Excursion Driving Course:

satnav route
  • Learn how to route plan
  • Build up your skill and awareness for long distance driving
  • Learn how to negotiate unknown roads in a seaside town.
  • Help and advice to take your current standard of drive to a higher level.
  • Opportunity to drive to a seaside town for a day excursion.


checklist and pen

The course can be delivered in a full licence holders own car.

The course can be delivered to a full licence holder in the instructors manual or automatic training vehicle.

The course can be delivered to a full European Union licence holder.

The course can be delivered to a fully trained provisional licence holder who is of test standard competence.

How to Book and Costs:

book the course online

The cost of a 4 hour excursion course is £195

The cost of a 5 hour excursion course is £245

The above cost is regardless of whether you use your own vehicle or the instructors training vehicle.

Manual and Automatic training vehicles are available.

If you would like to book this course or require further information please send an email to: