Independent Second Opinion Mock Test

second opinion driving mock test

Are you already undertaking driving lessons in Manchester, Stockport or Cheshire and would like your current driving skills assessing?

As a learner driver you will have invested your money with the driving school or driving instructor of your choice to pay for manual or automatic driving tuition.

Once all the forward driving exercises, manoeuvres and standard of driving is at a stage where you are looking to book a driving test, have you considered an independent second opinion mock test?

On the day of your driving test the examiner will be unknown to you. This will be a completely different experience than having your driving instructor sat next to you who you have become use to over the duration of your driving lessons.

You may find that under mock test conditions you drive completely differently than with your driving instructor who you are use to undertaking regular weekly driving lessons with.

Our independent second opinion mock test service allows you to undertake an actual test route with one of our independent team who will asses you as if you are undertaking your actual driving test.

There are a number of benefits to undertaking an independent second opinion mock test:

clipboard in car
  • This will help you build up your mental preparation for the day of your actual driving test.
  • You can have your current level of skill assessed under driving test conditions.
  • You will be able to assess how you drove under pressure.
  • Any faults highlighted will allow you the chance to correct those areas in advance of your actual driving test day.
  • You can book more than 1 independent second opinion mock test if you so wish to give yourself the best possible chance of passing your actual driving test.
  • Most importantly you will have gained experience driving under test conditions with somebody other than your current driving instructor.


test schedule

Ideally a 2 hour timeslot is required.

  • Our independent assessor will pick you up from your home address.
  • First 30 minutes you will familiarise yourself with the assessors training vehicle.
  • You drive to the designated driving test centre of your choosing where you will be undertaking your actual driving test.
  • You will undertake a 40 minute mock test based on an actual driving test route
  • Feedback will be offered with an explanation of any faults accumulated.
  • You drive back home and address any areas highlighted in your mock driving test. (Limited to the remaining time after your mock test is completed)

How to Book and Costs:

book the course online

The cost for the 2 hour manual assessment is from £78

The cost for the 2 hour automatic assessment is from £78

Driving test centres covered for both a Manual or Automatic assessment are:

  • West Didsbury Driving Test Centre
  • Sale Driving Test Centre
  • Bredbury Driving Test Centre
  • Hyde Driving Test Centre
  • Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre
  • Atherton Driving Test Centre
  • Bolton Driving Test Centre

If you choose a driving test centre out of your local area e.g. you live in North Manchester and have chosen a driving test centre in Bredbury there would be more travel time involved to get there and back which would incur additional costs.

If you would like to book an independent second opinion mock driving test please use our online booking form.