Refresher Driver Lessons

refresher driving lessons - Manchester and Stockport

Full licence refresher driving lessons are one of the main Specialist Courses which Manchester Driver Training provides.

Our team of driving instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with people’s individual driving requirements.

As a company we believe we are the premier provider of full licence refresher driving lessons in Manchester.

Please read some of our full licence refresher lesson reviews on our Google business page.

Our refresher course is designed to help:

  • People who have taken a break from driving for a period of time whether it be one year or many decades.
  • If you have passed your driving test and had a gap from driving since your test day and now wish to purchase a car.
  • People who have not driven since being involved in an accident.
  • Nervous drivers who would like to practice a particular element of driving e.g. roundabouts or reversing exercises.
  • Drivers who would like a general refresh to make sure that their current driving hasn’t developed too many bad habits.
  • Drivers who are use to driving on the other side of the road and would like to gain experience driving on U.K. roads.
  • Drivers who would like to build up their confidence and skill on motorways.
  • Any aspect of driving which you would like to build up your skill and confidence on after passing your driving test.

Which vehicle will the course be delivered in?

We have three options:

  • You can use your allocated instructor’s manual or automatic training vehicle which comes equipped with dual controls and power steering.
  • You can use your own vehicle, it must be roadworthy and safe / insured for you to drive / have road tax – if applicable.
  • You could choose to start off in the instructor’s training vehicle and then when ready complete further refresher lessons in your own vehicle.

How the course works

Our refresher lesson course is designed to meet your requirements.

You can choose how many hours of training that you wish to undertake, e.g. this could range from a one off roundabout lesson to a full course of refresher driving lessons covering all types of road junctions and reversing exercises.

There is also an option to start with a refresher driving lesson and then go on to complete the 6 hour Pass Plus course.

This course will help you to gain extra experience and also obtain a certificate from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency which should allow an insurance discount with certain participating insurance companies.

Most refresher lessons are booked in 2 hour appointments so that you have enough time to practice your driving techniques.

If you require an intensive style refresher driving lesson due to time constraints and wanting to get back behind the wheel as soon as possible, we also offer a full licence intensive refresher driving lesson service.

How to book / Pricing

send email to book


  • Manual full licence refresher lessons start from £39 per hour.
  • Automatic full licence refresher lessons start from £39 per hour.
  • Intensive full licence refresher day from £225.

If you would like to book a full licence refresher driving lesson course / lesson please send an online booking form.

At the bottom of the form please give some details regarding your requirements e.g. when you last drove a car and what you would like to look at on your refresher driving lesson course.

If you have any queries regarding this service please send an email.