Manchester International Driving Licence Conversion Course

driving course for international licencees

Manchester Driver Training has 2 courses available for holders of International Driving Licences.

Both courses aim to make you aware of the rules and regulations to be able to drive safely in the UK on the left hand side of the road.

Our conversion courses take into account that you have experience driving either a manual or automatic vehicle in a different part of the world, so you will already have built up driving experience.

We aim to build upon your existing driving experience to help you be prepared to drive on UK roads

Requirements to obtain a Full UK driving licence:

full UK Driving Licence

To obtain a full UK driving licence you must pass both the UK theory test and the UK practical driving test.

The UK theory test is a self study exercise so therefore please refer to our Theory Test tips page that will help you to prepare for this.

The preparation for your UK practical driving test comes from the driving lesson conversion course.

Information about UK Theory and UK Practical Driving Tests:

uk theory test

You cannot book a UK Theory or UK Practical Driving Test with an International Licence!

Firstly you must apply for a UK provisional driving licence:

You must pass your theory test before you can book a practical driving test therefore please see:

Once the UK theory test is passed, to book a practical driving test please see:

Course 1: UK Driving Awareness Course (without undertaking a UK practical driving test)

You can only use an International driving licence to drive for a period of 1 year from when you enter the UK.

You can undertake driving lessons with a Manchester Driver Training driving Instructor for only the first year in which you have entered the UK.

After this time your International licence is no longer valid and you would need to apply for a UK provisional driving licence.

This course is designed to boost your skills and awareness and increase your reaction times towards any hazards around you.

The course is ideal if you only intend to drive for the period of a year from when you have entered the UK and wish to gain experience from a Manchester Driver Training driving instructor.

Course 2: Driving Lessons to Convert from an International Licence to a Full UK Licence:

This course aims to prepare you to be ready to undertake the UK practical driving test.

Your Manchester driving lessons will cover:

  • The various road junctions you have to be able to negotiate safely and under control, that you may encounter on your driving test.
  • Various reversing exercises to show that you are able to reverse your vehicle under control, with good observation and accuracy.
  • You will learn how to plan ahead with regards to being aware of other road users around you.
  • You will practice how to follow Sat Nav routes and traffic signs.

There will be the opportunity to undertake practice tests to see how your driving matches up to the UK driving test standard.

To book in either Course 1 or Course 2::

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If you would like to book either of the above courses please complete our online booking form:

Prices for those who want to prepare for a U.K. practical driving test start from £37 per hour dependant upon your postcode area.

Prices for those who only want to undertake a U.K. driving awareness course start from £39 per hour dependant upon your postcode area.