Fleet Assessment


2 Hour Fleet Driver Assessment - £69

This compromises of

  1. A Fleet Risk Presentation, held on a one-to-one basis in the vehicle with each driver. (Making the driver aware of things such as the Corporate Manslaughter Bill, facts and figures on company car driver accidents.)
  2. A vehicle condition report. (Questions to the driver on how he/she would undertake various checks of his/her vehicle e.g. if the coolant was at the correct level.)
  3. An assessment drive taken on various types of road whereby a risk profile would be created. Any risks would be addressed at the time through remedial coaching, with the aim to make the driver aware of his standard of driving.
  4. Each driver would have a written report on his/her individual training session. (The reports are forwarded by email to the company concerned, after the training session has taken place.)