Last Minute Tests

Have you found a last minute test cancellation? Has your present instructor let you down and now you have no one to take you for your test?

Whatever the reason, we can help you.

Emergency/Last Minute Tests

We will do our best to accommodate your last minute test. You will need to take a minimum of 2 hours practice before the test with one of our instructors, so you pay for 2 hours before the test and 1 hour for using the instructor's car on the test.

Last minute tests... please call.

Terms and Conditions of Last Minute Tests

If it becomes apparent within the 1st Hour of the lesson that the driver isn't driving at test standard or has the car fully under control e.g stamping on the brake pedal / driving into kerbs / driving through give way junctions without looking or approaching with too much speed / unable to reverse under control / using excessive speed / not showing awareness of who has priority at road junctions / or any other style of driving whereby the car isn’t under control - the driving instructor will refuse to allow his / her training vehicle to be used for the driving test.

Payment for last minute tests must be made at the start of the lesson - no refund is given if the instructor has to refuse use of his / her training vehicle for test due to a sub standard style of driving displayed which is contrary to the style needed to pass the UK driving test.