Motorway Driving Lessons

Motorway Driving Lessons

Manchester Driver Training provides a complete and comprehensive Motorway Skills awareness and confidence building course.

Our course is provided in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire postcodes including Wilmslow and Alderley Edge.


  • 1 Hour from £39
  • 1.5 hours from £58.50
  • 2 hours from £78

Please email or call us regarding your full requirements – thank you.

Our course is aimed at providing help and assistance to:

Motorway Driving Lessons
  • Drivers who have no or little motorway driving experience;
  • New drivers who have only just passed their driving test;
  • Drivers who want to build up their skills and awareness under motorway conditions;
  • Drivers who have been involved in an accident and want help to rebuild their confidence;
  • Drivers who are nervous drivers;
  • Drivers who avoid motorways due to lack of confidence;
  • People who are use to driving on the opposite side of the road;
  • People who haven't driven on the motorway for a long time and require a refresher course;
  • People who want to do a trial run for a work commute to a new job in a different town or city.

Motorway Driving Lesson Course Content:

  1. Vehicle safety checks before driving on the motorway and safety procedures including breakdown procedures;
  2. Learn how to join the motorway safely;
  3. Learn how to leave the motorway at 300 yard marker post;
  4. Learn how to change lane safely and how to check your blind spots whilst on the move;
  5. Keeping your distance from the vehicle in front and learning to apply 2 / 4 / 10 second rule gap;
  6. Learning motorway safety procedure;
  7. Route planning via Sat Nav (optional);
  8. Motorway night-time driving (optional);
  9. Explanation of the new ‘Smart Motorway System’;
  10. How to negotiate roundabouts when leaving the motorway.