Rural Driving Course

Snake Pass A57

What are the dangers with Rural Roads ?

Rural Roads are often narrow, winding, and slippery. Often you can find large transportation vehicles heading towards you filling the full width of their side of the road which only leaves you a small amount of manoeuvrability on your side of the road. This can create a near miss feeling or a moment of holding your breath.

Country roads can often be designed with near 90 degree sharp left bends or long sweeping blind left bends which leave you in anticipation of what could be on the road ahead.

At night time the road is often only illuminated by the lights of your vehicle and the oncoming drivers which can sometimes dazzle you.

Add rain into the mix and you can have your tires struggling for grip if the road surface is covered in mud which has come from the surrounding fields.

Manchester Driver Training Rural Road Training Course:

Cat and Fiddle A537

We have 2 driving routes to choose from to help the qualified driver build up their skills and awareness:

  • The Snake Pass A 57 rural road route.
  • The Cat and Fiddle A537 rural road route.

Both routes are known to cause accidents with inexperienced drivers carrying too much speed or not being able to negotiate the sweeping blind bends or anticipate other vehicles coming the other way.

Both routes can regularly be closed over Winter if they are affected by any black ice or snow.

Our rural road training course will help you:

confident driver
  • Build your confidence driving at higher speeds with effective forward observation and road position.
  • Make efficient use of your car's controls to keep your speed up.
  • Know the best points to brake and accelerate through bends.
  • Safely overtake other vehicles.
  • Make effective use of the road space, including broken/unbroken centre lines.
  • Use more advanced techniques such as limit point, best-view cornering lines and closing speed.
  • Build up your awareness and planning under pressure.

Course Leader:

Nurburgring race track

The rural road driving course is lead by Senior Instructor Lee.

At the time of writing Lee is in his 14th year as a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency licenced driving instructor.

Lee has taught both manual and automatic drivers.

Lee has driven on racetracks such as Silverstone (home of the British Grand Prix), Oulton Park and the Three Sisters Racetrack in the UK. Lee has also driven on the International Nürburgring circuit in Germany where world renown motorsport legends Juan Manuel Fangio (know as Fangio) and Sir Jackie Stewart have both competed.

Lee is also a regular at the Isle of Mann TT ‘Rural Course’ which is 37.7 miles of challenging winding roads where your skills and awareness are put to the test.

Important Notice:

***Please Note*** Our rural road driving course is normally undertaken in a full licence holder's own vehicle.

Lee can however provide the use of his automatic training vehicle for anyone who wants to undertake the course.

This course is aimed at qualified drivers or fully trained learner drivers who would like to increase their driving skills and knowledge on challenging rural country roads.

How to Book and Course Prices:

book the course online

The rural road driving course is 3 Hours in duration and costs £117.

If you would like to book the above course please send a booking form.

If you would like any further information please send your questions to