Nervous & Anxious Drivers

nervous driver on a lesson

Manchester Driver Training recognises that nerves, anxiety and accidents can play a major role in determining how you feel when driving a motor vehicle.

For some this will be avoiding certain types of roads. For others it may mean driving at times of day when the traffic is limited.

Some people, even though they have obtained their full licence, have decided that because of how they feel, they do not want to continue driving any longer.

Manchester Driver Training offers a specialist driving lesson course to help you overcome your worries and anxieties and help you to feel confident again to venture out on to the roads by yourself.

Brief Course Overview:

car in a quiet location

The instructor will drive to a suitable location so that you can familiarise yourself with the controls of the car and then you will discuss and practice the move off and stop exercise.

Once you feel confident and happy to move on you will practice a route of left turns at junctions on the main road.

The next exercise to discuss and practice will be turning right at junctions.

As your confidence further increases you will discuss and look at emerging from junctions.

Following emerging at junctions you can discuss and practice reversing exercises so that you feel comfortable parking behind cars or into a bay when you go shopping.

If there are any other aspects of driving you would like to practice e.g. joining and leaving motorways or driving at 70 mph this can also be discussed and practiced.

The lessons progress at your own pace. If as a driver you want to spend more time going over a particular exercise that is not a problem.

The course is open to both UK and EU full licence holders and provisional licence holders. The course contents above are for the full licence holders course.

Course Instructor:

Kam drives a 64 plate Toyota Yaris

The course is lead by our Senior manual instructor, Kam.

At the time of writing Kam has 12 + years experience in the driver training industry.

Kam has been chosen to deliver the course due to his dedication, experience, awareness and levels of calming patience and understanding to the needs of others.

Kam is use to working with UK drivers and International drivers who use the services of Manchester Driver Training to help them with their driving requirements.

All lessons are delivered on a one to one basis and are tailor made for the needs of the driver, fulfilling their individual requirements.

Kam’s vehicle is a modern Toyota Yaris with dual controls for safety. The training vehicle says Manchester & Stockport Driver Training on the roof cone.

Location and Price

Didsbury Village

The maximum duration of a specialist lesson is 1 hour.

The cost for each specialist hour is £29.

All lessons are delivered from Didsbury Village, Manchester, M20.

The Instructor will be outside Didsbury Village Metrolink Station on Olive Shapely Avenue.

The lesson finishes back at the same location.

This location is used so that people who require the specialist service but live outside of Manchester can travel to us and undertake the course.

As this is a specialist course we want to be able to offer as many appointments as we can to those who need them, hence we have a travel to us only service for this course.

If you wish to book the above course please fill in our online booking form:

Please state that you wish to undertake the nervous and anxious drivers course.