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How to book Driving Lessons in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire

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If you would like to book driving lessons please complete our online booking form and fill in your individual requirements.

Once a driving lesson appointment is confirmed payment would be required to complete the booking within 24 hours.

If you need to change or cancel any driving lessons please give 48 hours notice to your allocated driving instructor to avoid payment.

If you feel unwell with symptoms of a Cold / Flu / Covid please let your instructor know as soon as possible so that he / she can re-arrange your lesson free of charge.

Overview of some of our Regular Weekly Driving Lesson Services:

Manual Regular Weekly Driving Lessons in Manchester

MDT provides learner driver tuition for people who are just starting out at the complete novice or beginner stage / people who are at an intermediate level with previous driving experience / people who already have previous experience driving in other parts of the world. We try to provide a relaxed but informative learning environment where the learner can maximise their driving potential at a pace they feel comfortable with. Our driving lessons in Manchester are competitively priced – always be aware of companies who offer the cheapest driving lessons in Manchester as you can often find yourself with an unreliable driving instructor who is more of a hindrance than an aid to learning a skill.

Student Driving Lessons Manchester

Manchester is home to many thousands of students in term time. We have a few universities such as MMU, Salford University and Manchester University. Manchester provides many student halls of residence and also caters for the diverse range of Student Nights out. We are use to providing Student Driving Lessons in Manchester especially in the Fallowfield and Owens Park areas of the City.

Mock Tests / Second Opinion Mock Tests

The best way to prepare for a driving test in Manchester is to have at least 2 practice tests. This allows you to be able to become mentally prepared for your driving test and work on any faults in an environment which replicates that of the day of the driving test. We can also provide second opinions for learners who are learning to drive with a different driving school.

Booking a Driving Test

We use a full range of driving test centres in Manchester helping us to support drivers in most sub locations. A few of the driving test centres include:

  • West Didsbury Driving Test Centre
  • Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre
  • Sale Driving Test Centre
  • Bredbury Driving Test Centre
  • Hyde Driving Test Centre

We help prepare you for certain independent driving test routes e.g the Sharston Roundabouts test route at West Didsbury Driving Test Centre.

We also try to provide last minute driving test cover for people whose driving instructor has let them down only a week or so before their test.

Book your test here: https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test.

Intensive Courses

We have a range of options available for people who have specific requirements whereby they need to learn to drive at an accelerated rate. Some people want to learn to drive in a week in Manchester and require an intensive driving crash course. A one week driving course in Manchester may also include a residential stay if the individual wishes to travel to our City to take his / her intensive driving course. Please see our Crash Course page for prices and options.

Refresher Driving Lessons in Manchester

Our refresher driving lessons in Manchester aim to help build you up to be ready to go out and drive on today's roads. The course helps increase confidence and awareness which will help you keep yourself and others safe.

These lessons are aimed at:

  • People who have already passed their driving test but feel that they need a little more driving practice before venturing out on their own.
  • People who have passed their test a number of years ago and feel that they would like a confidence booster.
  • Nervous Drivers who are unsure of any aspect of driving e.g. manoeuvres or changing lanes.
  • Accident Victims who have suffered a trauma which has affected their confidence being behind the wheel of a car.
  • Refresher Driving Lessons in Manchester for elderly people who for whatever reason need to practice with a driving instructor.
  • Full Licence holders from any European Union Member State who want to get use to the rules and driving styles of the UK with a driving instructor before venturing out on their own.

The training sessions can be tailor-made to meet your needs e.g.

  • Planning a route from your home to your new place of work.
  • Preparing for the arrival of a new car.
  • Practicing roundabouts.
  • Practicing manoeuvres.
  • Covering all the forward driving to build confidence.
  • Driving through the City centre.
  • Lane Changing.

When booking driving lessons in Manchester with Manchester Driver Training driving school, people have often asked the following questions:

Regarding the initial driving lesson booking process:

Q. What is the best way to book in my manual or automatic driving lessons with a Manchester Driver Training instructor?

We have an online booking form which is designed so that you can forward your individual lesson requirements to us. Once we receive this we can establish which one of our instructors can meet your requirements and then we reply to you by email to complete the booking process.

Q. How long is each driving lesson?

Driving lessons can be for 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours if you are doing a regular weekly driving lesson or you may choose to do a couple of lessons each week for any of those periods of time. If you were doing an intensive course of driving lessons in Manchester (sometimes referred to as a “crash course”) then you might choose to do four or six hours per day but with a break after each 2 hour time period. However, we would recommend that you only do an intensive course of driving lessons if it is really essential for you to pass your Practical Driving Test urgently, because intensive courses of driving lessons do not suit every pupil's learning style.

Q. Is it better to book a 1 hour weekly driving lesson or a 2 hour driving lesson each week?

The choice is up to yourself. Please remember 1 hour goes by very quickly so you may find that just as you are starting to get into your lesson that it is coming to an end which could slow your overall progress.

Q. Is there a discount for block booking lessons?

Yes, we offer a block booking discount for every postcode area that we provide driving lessons in.

Q. Should I pay for a block of driving lessons in advance?

We would advise that whichever driving school you choose you should start by booking one driving lesson only. That will allow you to make sure that you are compatible with the driving instructor who you are meeting for the first time and also give you the opportunity to see if you are comfortable with the car that you will be using for your driving lessons and your Practical Driving Test. Then if you are satisfied with the first driving lesson you can consider if you wish to invest in a block of driving lessons with that same driving instructor.

Technical queries regarding driving lessons:

Q. How many driving lessons are usually needed for me to get to the Practical Driving Test Standard?

If you are a complete beginner then the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (D.V.S.A.) suggest that on average you may need approximately forty-seven hours of professional driving tuition to reach the U.K. Practical Driving Test Standard. However, it does vary from one learner driver to the next because we are all individuals and all gifted in different ways, so some pupils reach the U.K. Practical Driving Test Standard in significantly less hours. Once you have successfully covered the whole curriculum of what you need to learn for your U.K. Practical Driving Test then your driving instructor should do some mock-tests with you and give you feedback as part of your final preparations.

Q. Do I need to pass my Theory and Hazard Perception Test before I start my Practical driving lessons?

No, you do not have to pass your Theory and Hazard Perception Test before you start your Practical driving lessons. However, you will need to pass your Theory and Hazard Perception Test before the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (D.V.S.A.) will allow you to book your Practical Driving Test.

Q. Do I need to have my U.K. Provisional Driving Licence with me when I am doing my Practical driving lessons?

You will need to have your U.K. Provisional Driving Licence with you to show to your driving instructor at your first driving lesson only, otherwise the lesson will not take place. Also, you will need to have your U.K. Provisional Driving Licence with you on the day of your Practical Driving Test to show to the Examiner, or your Test will be cancelled and you will lose the fee that you paid for your Practical Test. It is good practice to carry your U.K. Provisional Driving Licence with you at all times, which will ensure that you have it with you when you need it most.

Q. What subjects & skills will I learn throughout my driving lessons?

The following subjects are taught:

  • Controls lesson.
  • Move off and stop exercise.
  • Approaching Junctions to turn left.
  • Approaching junctions to turn right.
  • Emerging at T – Junctions.
  • Emerging at Crossroads.
  • Emerging at Roundabouts.
  • Recognise one way roads and systems.
  • How to safely approach the different types of Pedestrian Crossings.
  • How to stop your car in an emergency.
  • Parallel Park Exercise.
  • Pull up on the right and move away again.
  • Reverse into a bay.
  • Drive forwards into a bay and reverse out.
  • Reverse around a corner (for your awareness and safety).
  • Three point turn exercise (for your awareness and safety).
  • Driving test preparation e.g practice tests for mental preparation and feedback.

The following skills will be learnt:

  • Spatial Awareness
  • General use of awareness and planning
  • Use of Mirror Signal Manoeuvre routine
  • Following Sat Nav directions
  • Ability to follow Traffic Signs
  • Awareness of speed limit signs
  • Awareness of road markings

Q. What manoeuvres do I need to learn for my Practical Driving Test?

You will need to learn the following manoeuvres:

  • Parallel Parking (also known as Reverse Parking);
  • Bay Reverse Parking;
  • Pull up on the right hand side of the road and reverse 2 car lengths;
  • Drive forwards into a bay and reverse back out again.

As you never know when you will need to, it is also recommended that you learn how to:

  • Reverse around a corner;
  • Turn your car around in the road, (also know as the 3 point turn exercise).

Your driving instructor should always patiently and supportively teach you everything that you need to know to prepare you for your Practical Driving Test and only go at the pace of learning that you feel comfortable with.

Q. Do I still need to learn the three point turn exercise and reverse around a corner exercise now that it is not part of the driving test?

It is very advisable to learn both the three point turn exercise and the reverse around a corner exercise. What happens when you need to move your car to a different position e.g a road is blocked or you need to go a different way in an emergency and you have no knowledge of how to manoeuvre your car safely?

Q. Can I learn driving test routes before I go on my actual practical driving test?

As part of your driving test preparation you will undertake practice tests which will be based on actual driving test routes to mentally prepare you for the day of your driving test.

Q. Can I book my own driving test?

Yes you can book your own driving test but please make sure:

  • You check that your driving instructor is available at the date and time of your choosing to avoid double bookings.
  • Your driving instructor covers the driving test centre that you wish to book your practical test for.
  • You book a driving test appointment that gives you enough time to reach the required test standard.

Q. Can I learn to drive in my own car?

You can learn to drive in your own car.

The best professional practice is to use a driving instructor's dual controlled training car for your learner driver driving lessons in Manchester. Your safety and that of other road users is our first priority. If a hazard arose that you did not have the experience to respond to safely then the driving instructor would bring the car to a safe halt and discuss with you why the car had been stopped; which is all part of the safe learning process. In between driving lessons with your driving instructor you could use your own car for additional practice of what the instructor has taught you in the previous driving lesson but you must have another full U.K. driving licence holder in your car with you at all times and display Red L-Plates on the front and rear of your car. We only recommend driving in a different vehicle once you are at test standard and not before as it can hinder your progress.

If you are a full U.K. driving licence holder who has not driven for some years and wanted to use your own car for Refresher driving lessons in Manchester, then we would still recommend that the first Refresher driving lesson should be done in the driving instructor's dual controlled training car, to renew your driving skill and restore your confidence and then use your own car for any further Refresher driving lessons with the same driving instructor.

Other questions frequently asked:

Q. Can I request a particular driving instructor from your driving school?

If you have been recommended by a friend or family member who has previously undertaken driving lessons with our driving school please let us know so that we can allocate that particular driving instructor to you.

Q. What happens if I come down with Cold or Flu symptoms, will I be charged for cancelling my driving lesson?

If you feel unwell with symptoms of a Cold or Flu please notify your instructor as soon as possible so that the lesson can be rescheduled without charge. The follow on lesson will be booked once you have had time to fully recover.

Q. What is the cancelation procedure if I want to cancel a driving lesson once a booking has been completed?

As a Company we ask for 48 hours notice of cancelation for any driving lesson changes or other cancelations to avoid payment. Driving instructors only get paid for the hours of lessons that they deliver and if someone cancels with short notice it is difficult to fill that cancelled appointment.

Q. If I want to travel into the City of Manchester to undertake a weekly driving lesson or intensive driving course with Manchester Driver Training can my lesson begin at the train station or Metrolink station?

Some of the people who use our services travel from outside Manchester.

Examples of meeting locations are:

  • Manchester Piccadilly Train Station
  • Manchester Oxford Road Train Station
  • Didsbury Village Metro Link Station.

Q. Can I buy a Gift Voucher for driving lessons?

We can supply a Gift Voucher for the amount of your choosing. We would need to know:

  • Name of the person who the Gift Voucher is for?
  • Do you have a personalised message for the Gift Voucher?
  • How many hours do you wish to purchase?
  • Where is the Gift Voucher to be sent?

Q. Can I get out of the car in the middle of a driving lesson to stretch my legs if I feel like I need to?

If you need a break for whatever reason, just notify your driving instructor and they will direct you to find a safe place to pull up.

Q. Can I bring a bottle of water into the training vehicle?

Yes, it is recommended that you bring a drink of water to stay well hydrated to keep your concentration up. Please explain to your instructor that you wish to find a safe place to stop to have your drink.

Q. Will I be picked up from my home address for all driving lessons?

Unless established in advance or a different requirement is asked for, the driving lesson pick up and drop off point is normally from your home address.

Q. Can I finish my driving lesson at my work location?

You would need to discuss any alternative drop off points with your allocated instructor directly.

Q. Can I begin my weekly driving lesson outside of my local driving test centre so that I can get maximum drive time in and around my test centre area?

If you require to start your driving lessons outside of your local driving test centre please arrange this directly with your driving instructor.

Q. Can I bring my mobile phone on my driving lesson?

If you bring a mobile phone out with you, so that you don't get distracted we ask if you would please place your phone on silent at the start of the driving lesson – thank you.

Q. I have had to do a double shift at work and I have only had a few hours sleep can I still take my driving lesson?

If you have only had a few hours sleep it would not be safe to drive. Your reaction times would be seriously affected and you may even start to fall asleep at the wheel.

The above questions are some of the many that we have been asked most frequently but if you have other questions then you are most welcome to e-mail us at: info@manchesterdrivertraining.co.uk and we will do our best to help you.