This is a guide to how our intensive driving course service works:

manual driving lessons - intensive crash course

Step 1

Please book and pass your theory test

You can book a theory test for any theory test centre in or around your local area or beyond.

You can either call the DVSA booking service on 0300 200 11 22, or you can use the DVSA online booking service:

The current cost of a theory test is £23.

Step 2

send email to book

Please contact us by email or booking form with the following information

  • If you require a manual or automatic intensive course;
  • How many hours of intensive lessons that you require;
  • The full postcode of where you require the intensive course from;
  • Your availability requirements for the course;
  • Please let us know which driving test appointment that you would like to prepare for.
  • If you just require intensive lessons only as you already have a driving test booked in.

Regarding checking or booking driving test appointments there are two options:

1 - You can use the DVSA online booking service:>. Or you can call the DVSA booking service on 0300 200 11 22

2 - Your allocated intensive instructor can book your driving test appointment for you. The administration charge for your instructor booking your driving test appointment is £50.

If you are booking your own driving test appointment – please let us know which driving test appointments are available that suit your requirements so that we can check instructor availability for that appointment before you complete the booking.

Once we have confirmed which driving test appointment we can provide cover for – please then complete the booking for that driving test appointment.

The cost of a standard weekday driving test is £62.

The cost of a standard evening / bank holiday / weekend driving test is £75.

This payment is made to the DVSA at the time that you book your driving test.

Step 3

We will provisionally schedule a course of intensive lessons based upon your requirements leading up to your driving test appointment and send this by email for you to confirm.

Once you have confirmed the intensive lesson schedule, payment for the course hours would be required to complete the booking as explained:

Step 4

We will send you a confirmation email for your course payment and your intensive course instructor’s details.

You are now fully booked in with your intensive course schedule and driving test appointment!

Intensive driving lesson prices in Manchester, Stockport, Oldham & Tameside.

Our intensive course lessons are 5 hours in duration with a 30 minute break in the middle.

  • Each manual intensive hour costs £45 per hour or £225 for each 5 hour intensive day.
  • Each automatic intensive hour costs £45 per hour or £225 for each 5 hour intensive day.

Our intensive courses/lessons start at 8am and finish at 1.30pm.

Our intensive courses currently start and finish from outside the following locations:

  • Manchester Picadilly Train Station (Central Manchester) M60 7RA.
  • West Didsbury Driving Test Centre (South Manchester) M21 7QY.
  • Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre (North Manchester) M8 OAL.
  • Chadderton Driving Test Centre (Oldham) OL9 9XA.
  • Ashton-under-Lyne Train Station (Tameside) OL6 6JP.
  • Bredbury Driving Test Centre (Stockport) SK6 2QT.

All courses on this page are offered subject to instructor availability at the time that you enquire.

If you want to undertake an initial 2 hour assessment lesson first before purchasing an intensive course the cost is £90.

The allocated intensive instructor would confirm the meeting location for the initial assessment lesson.

Further Information

If you require any further information please send an email to

If you only require course training hours without a driving test as you intend upon taking your driving test at a later date or in a different part of the country please email your requirements – thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Q&A regarding our intensive driving lessons in Manchester, Stockport, Oldham & Tameside

Q. Does Manchester Driver Training book driving tests?
A. You can either book your own driving test using the DVSA online booking service or once your intensive course booking has been completed your allocated intensive instructor can help you with your driving test booking.

Q. How many hours will I need?
A. A complete beginner would need around a minimum of 45 hours of driving experience with a driving instructor to have a good chance of passing the U.K. driving test.

Q. I have completed 20 hours of lessons about a year ago how many intensive hours should I book?
A. A minimum of 25 hours or 30 hours if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of passing first time.

Q. At what stage do I have to pay for my intensive course hours?
A. Once you have confirmed your proposed schedule of intensive course hours you would be required to complete the booking within 24 hours.

Q. Can I change from a manual training vehicle to an automatic training vehicle once I have started my intensive lessons?
A. Only if the instructor that you have been allocated also provides automatic driving tuition. There may also be a difference in the price of lessons that would need to be paid for.

Q. Can I book my driving test for any driving test centre even if it is not my local driving test centre?
A. Yes you can book your driving test for any driving test centre in or around Manchester or outside of Manchester but there would be extra costs involved if you book a driving test appointment that is outside of your local area.

Q. I can’t make my intensive lesson today as I need to go to work instead can I reschedule it?
A. Please see our terms and conditions page before completing your intensive course booking so that you are aware of refund policy for intensive courses.

Q. If I turn up late for my intensive lesson will it still go ahead?
A. If there is a delay with you meeting your instructor for your scheduled intensive lesson appointment please communicate this in advance to him/her.
If your allocated intensive instructor turns up to provide your lesson and 30 minutes has passed and you are not there for your intensive lesson you would loose that days training.

Q. Can I book a driving test for a different part of the country that has less of a wait for driving test appointments?
A. Yes but there would be extra charges involved if you require driving test cover for an out of area driving test.

Q. Will my intensive course lessons start from outside my home address?
A. Our intensive courses currently start from outside one of the locations listed above.

Q. What would happen if I accidently give the wrong driving test appointment time when I book my intensive course?
A. If you give the wrong driving test appointment when booking your course and don’t notify anyone until near or on the day of your driving test e.g. you realise that your test is an hour later than you confirmed it was – it is likely that you would end up with no driving test cover. Our intensive instructors book their schedules in advance and wouldn’t be able to cancel somebody short notice because you had not given the correct time of your driving test appointment. If this happens the final test hour would become a practice hour instead.

Q. I have noticed that intensive courses are referred to by many names does this have any significance regarding the type of training being offered?
A. Intensive driving courses are advertised in many ways some of these include:
A one week driving course, a one to one driving course, a fast pass driving course, an intensive driving crash course, a North West driving crash course, a 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 day crash course Manchester, semi intensive driving lessons, intensive driving lessons Manchester etc.
The above names are all ways of referring to the general intensive course service whereby an individual books a driving test and then learns to drive over a shorter period of time e.g. over a few weeks as opposed to a few months or more.

Q. Can my intensive lessons be spread out instead of being scheduled for over one week only?
A. Yes you could for e.g. undertake one intensive lesson per week over 6 weeks. (Dependant upon instructor availability at the time that you enquire)

Q. Who will be delivering my intensive lesson course?
A. We have instructors who specialise in providing intensive lessons. They are licenced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Manchester Driver Training advises that no matter what company you decide to choose to provide your intensive driving crash course, always make sure that you know how much each intensive training hour costs.

Manchester Driver Training’s intensive driving crash course prices are open and transparent so that you know what you are paying for before you pay for it.

We hope that you enjoy your intensive driving course and we wish you every success on the day of your driving test.