Payments Terms and Conditions

Paying for Your Driving Lessons

Pay by BACS for your driving lessons

Once a lesson or course hours are confirmed payment is required within 24 hours to complete the booking, thank you.

At the present time all payments are made by bank transfer (BACS).

This is the most hygienic method to pay for your lessons / course during the present circumstances.

Bank transfer payments can be made by: Online Banking / Mobile App Banking / Telephone Banking.

If you are paying by credit card please contact the customer services number on the back of your card to make a BACS payment.

Alternatively if you do not have any of the above methods of payment you can go into the bank and pay directly for your lesson or course.

All payment details for lesson and course bookings are sent in your confirmation & payment email.

Driving lesson / course bookings are only completed once payment has been made.

Cancellation Policy – Weekly Driving Lesson Appointments

If you need to change or cancel any weekly driving lesson appointment or weekly lesson appointment please give your allocated driving instructor 48 hours notice to avoid payment.

If you feel ill with any symptoms of Covid or Flu please contact your allocated driving instructor as soon as possible. Your weekly driving lesson or weekly course appointment will then be rescheduled without charge once you have fully recovered.

If you turn up for any weekly driving lesson, or on your driving test day under the influence of alcohol, drugs or without adequate sleep your allocated instructor will not be able to allow you to drive their training vehicle. No refunds are available under those circumstances.

If you are aggressive with your driving instructor or if you act in a threatening manner / use inappropriate language your instructor reserves the right to end the driving lesson for his / her safety and will not be able to offer any further lessons to you. There would be no refund for any weekly lessons cut short due to your behaviour but any remaining lesson credits and scheduled lessons that did not require 48 hours notice to cancel would be refunded in full to you.

Cancellation Policy – Intensive Driving Courses & Residential Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive lessons (and residential intensive driving lessons) are provided by our intensive driving course instructors. These instructors normally work with one main person each week to provide the intensive course as per each person’s individual requirements.

If you decide to complete an intensive course booking with Manchester Driver Training a refund for your intensive training hours would only be available if the intensive course was not provided as per your booking schedule e.g. unforeseen mechanical vehicle breakdown. If this happened you would be entitled to a full refund for any remaining course hours not undertaken or to reschedule any remaining training hours owed.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer a refund or reschedule intensive training course hours due to people’s individual personal circumstances or issues which may arise and prevent them from being able to attend their intensive course.

If you have reservations regarding booking an intensive course with these terms and conditions our weekly driving lesson service offers a more financially flexible way to learn to drive.

You are most welcome to undertake an initial 2 hour assessment lesson before investing in an intensive driving course to make sure it is something you wish to commit to first.

Cancellation Policy – Short Notice Driving Test Cover

Short notice driving test cover / short notice preparation lessons / short notice travel time to reach you is non-refundable if you decide to cancel once you have completed your booking.

Once the booking is completed if your allocated instructor is unable to provide the full service that you have paid for – a full refund will be sent for any hours that have not been provided.

If the DVSA cancels your driving test appointment you are entitled to certain reimbursement's directly from the DVSA not your allocated driving instructor.

Regarding - Gift Vouchers / Block Bookings / Lesson Credits

Gift vouchers have a 1 year expiry date from issue. They are non-refundable once purchased.

Block bookings / driving lesson credits or purchases expire within one year of their purchase date.

Regarding Refunds

If you are contacted regarding any refund you have requested or are owed and you do not reply within the period of 28 days, or once we have contacted you if the refund is not able to be processed within 28 days due to you not forwarding the relevant information to be able to process your refund – the refund owed will become classed as an expired credit note.

We would like to thank all the people who have chosen to use the services of Manchester Driver Training and who have shown great commitment and respect working with their allocated driving instructor to achieve their goals.