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The Manchester Pass Plus Course is a six hour course which is undertaken once you have passed your practical driving test. It's a great way to learn 'extra curricular' driving skills that you may not have covered in your regular weekly driving lessons.

We can also provide any of the criteria as a one-off lesson, e.g. a 1 hour motorway lesson or 1 hour Manchester city centre driving lesson. Priced from £39 per hour.

For a driver to receive a Pass Plus certificate, he/she must complete a minimum of 6 hours driving, see further below for course details.

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Manual Price from £239

Automatic price from £239

Once the course is finished, a training report form will be completed, which is sent to the DSA Pass Plus department, who in turn send a certificate to the driver who has undertaken the course.

This certificate holds a number which when quoted to a participating insurance company will allow the driver reduced insurance. This is in recognition of the extra training the driver has undertaken. This training should help the driver to take fewer risks whilst driving, hence less chance off being involved in an accident, hence a lower insurance premium.

You can undertake 1 hour or 2 hours per week; you decide how you would like to spread the hours.

Pass Plus: Everything You Need to Know

The Pass Plus course is considered "further education" for newly qualified drivers, providing additional tuition and driving experience for new motorists. The course is entirely optional, though comes highly recommended by the vast majority of road safety authorities.

Pass Plus Courses Manchester - What is Pass Plus?

How Does the Pass Plus Course Work?

Pass Plus can only be taken after successfully passing your driving test. After which, the course takes place by way of three two-hour driving lessons over three separate days, or two three-hour lessons over two separate days, or a single intensive six-hour course in one day. Topics covered in the Pass Plus course include:

  • All-weather driving
  • Night driving
  • Town/City driving
  • Dual Carriage-way driving
  • Motorway driving
  • Driving on rural/country roads

The course effectively builds upon the teachings of a standard course of driving lessons with more advanced driving skills.

Who Can Take the Pass Plus Course?

If you are interested in taking the Pass Plus course, then you can do so if you have passed your practical driving test.

What if I Fail My Pass Plus Course?

You won't…because you can't! The Pass Plus programme is simply a six-hour practical driving experience, as opposed to a test or assessment. Tuition throughout the course is delivered by a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I.) Upon successful completion of the course, you will be entitled to apply for a Pass Plus certificate and possibly receive a discount of up to 25% on future insurance premiums, from the many insurance companies who recognise the Pass Plus course.

What's the Benefit of Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is designed to instil new motorists with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to drive as safely as possible on public roads. However, a valid Pass Plus certificate can also possibly result in discounts of up to 25% off subsequent car insurance premiums. This can amount to significant savings for younger motorists in particular.

Which Insurers Recognise Pass Plus?

Dozens of leading insurers recognise Pass Plus and offer discounts accordingly. Examples of which include the following among others:

  • AA Insurance
  • Adrian Flux Insurance Services
  • BSM Insurance Services
  • Churchill Insurance
  • CIS
  • Direct Line
  • Endsleigh
  • Zurich (Eagle Star)
  • Norwich Union (Aviva)
  • Privilege
  • Provident
  • Royal Sun Alliance
  • Tesco Motor Insurance
  • Swinton
  • Quinn Direct Insurance Ltd