Roundabout Driving Lessons

Roundabout Driving Lessons

Roundabouts can become daunting for drivers due to them sometimes being complicated road junctions to approach and leave.

Some drivers approach roundabouts without consideration for other less experienced drivers, who may also be using the same roundabout, which is a hazard for the less experienced driver.

Certain roundabouts are quite difficult to negotiate with lack of experience e.g. the Sharston Roundabouts which are part of driving tests at West Didsbury and Sale Driving test centres in Manchester. Our course can provide practice of the Sharston Roundabouts or the A34 Bypass Roundabouts.

This course is provided by our instructors in Manchester and Stockport as well as Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Altrincham and surrounding areas, to any valid provisional licence holder / valid full licence holder / valid EU licence holder / any valid international licence holder.

Our 2 Hour Course is priced from £78.

Please email or call us regarding your full requirements – thank you.

Our course aims to:

Roundabout Driving Lessons
  • Help build confidence and skill when using roundabout junctions;
  • Help the decision making process at roundabouts and when leaving roundabouts;
  • Build awareness of when it is safe to enter roundabouts;
  • Break down phobias of roundabouts;
  • Provide a refresher roundabout lesson for those who avoid roundabouts or are unsure of roundabouts;
  • Provide a better knowledge of applying Mirror / Signal / Maneuvre routine with increased confidence and judgement;
  • Provide strategies you can apply when things don't go to plan at a roundabout e.g. missing an exit that you want to take.

Roundabout Driving Lesson Course Content

  1. Introduction to the difference between mini roundabouts / roundabouts without lanes / roundabouts with lanes;
  2. How to judge when it’s safe to join a roundabout and using MSM routine;
  3. Judging the correct speed to enter a roundabout and the speed of other vehicles already in a roundabout;
  4. Correct road positioning when joining and leaving a roundabout without lanes;
  5. Correct road positioning when joining and leaving a roundabout with lanes;
  6. Applying the the twelve-o-clock rule;
  7. What to do if you miss your exit;
  8. What to do if a vehicle turns right from the left lane on the roundabout;
  9. Following traffic signs at roundabouts.