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About Manchester Driver Training

manual adi driving instructor

Manchester Driver Training are a responsible driving training provider who only offer new positions when existing instructors are fully booked as opposed to some driving school businesses who take on driving instructors regardless of whether the work they have coming in meets the needs of their existing team members.

As we are a family business we see each instructor as an individual and make sure that you are well looked after and kept busy. We promote a relaxed atmosphere where instructors can make suggestions regarding input on courses or blog contributions.

We have a professional but fair business approach so that you as the instructor know that we aim to keep you busy and deal with any queries that you have with a high level of communication and service.

The majority of the driving instructors who work with a driving school or driver training establishment are known as self employed franchisees.

This is the nature of the industry excluding when an instructor sets up his or her own limited company and becomes an employee of their own company.

Business Practices

As an experienced driver training provider we avoid the following business practices that some other driving schools promote:

  • Taking on too many instructors too soon without enough business coming in.
  • Making statements like we have no written agreement with our instructors – which is basically a way of saying if you have no work you can’t hold us to anything.
  • Charging a rock bottom franchise fee whereby the driving school has no motivation to keep you busy or any capital to invest in the business to promote the business.
  • Taking on too many trainee instructors to earn a quick and often cheap franchise fee knowing that due to lack of support and investment that the trainee is unlikely to reach ADI status.


The benefits of choosing Manchester Driver Training to work with:

  • We are motivated to keep you busy and maximise your earnings potential.
  • We offer constant support and encouragement throughout you time with Manchester Driver Training.
  • All work is provided through Manchester Driver Training so you can get on with enjoying teaching.
  • We offer over 25 courses to the general public which gives a massive scope for new learning experiences.
  • You can meet other team members and make new friends when joining in with any social events which the company pays for.
  • This is an opportunity to be a part of a well established working business who’s management are approachable and fair.
  • Our director is also a fully qualified driving instructor and fleet risk assessor not just a suit without experience.

We offer 3 options to our team members

1. Part time 10 hour franchised driving instructor:

This option is aimed at:

  • Driving instructors who are generating around 70% of their own pupil referrals but also want to provide driving lessons with Manchester Driver Training to increase their weekly earnings.
  • Driving Instructors who only wish to provide minimum hours due to other personal commitments outside of work.
  • Driving Instructors who are winding down and only want to provide a few driving lessons each week.
  • Driving Instructors who are semi-retired and want to keep their skills up to date.

2. Part time 20 hours franchised driving instructor:

This option is aimed at driving instructors who:

  • Generate around 50% of their own work but also want to provide lessons for Manchester Driver Training to increase their weekly income.
  • Like to have the back up of a driving school because their own pupil referrals are not consistent.
  • Only wish to provide around 20 hours a week of driving lessons due to other responsibilities outside of their working life.

3. Full Time unlimited hours franchised driving instructor:

This option is aimed at:

  • Instructors who want to deliver as many driving lessons as possible to maximise their earning potential.
  • Instructors who really enjoy being on the road and providing driving lessons.
  • Instructors who like to keep busy and are very flexible with their work timetable.

Moving forwards

If you are interested in becoming a manual ADI team member please send an email with any questions you may have regarding this opportunity.