Driving Lessons for Students in Manchester

Students in Manchester learn to drive easily with us

The following are just a few of the driving lesson services that we provide for Students in Manchester

Manual Student Weekly Driving Lessons from £37 per hr (10 hour block booking for £360)

If you are a Student and require driving lessons in Manchester then we are more than glad to provide one of our DVSA Licenced Instructors in Manchester to help you. Your Student driving lessons can start at your place of education and finish at home, subject to instructor availability. Our Student driving lessons in Manchester can be scheduled to fit in with your study timetable. We are aware that some Students travel at Easter and Christmas times so we try to arrange the driving lessons with you at a time that you will be able to meet. Thank you for choosing Manchester Driver Training Ltd to provide you with Student driving Lessons in Manchester.

Student Full Licence Refresher Driving Lessons in Manchester from £39 per hr

Some Students in Manchester require a little refresher help before buying or driving their first car. Our Student Refresher Driving Lessons in Manchester is the ideal way to increase your confidence and be able to face today’s busy and demanding roads. Sometimes after undertaking a few Student Refresher Driving Lessons, Students may wish to undertake a Motorway lesson.

Mock Tests from £37 per hr

Just as you do in your college or university when you prepare with mock tests, it’s the same when you have completed your Student driving lessons in Manchester. You undertake a mock driving test to find out how your current drive compares to that of the UK driving Test standard. This is an excellent way of finding out any areas that you can brush up on in your Student driving lessons before you take the real driving test.

Booking a Driving Test

We cover all the main driving test centres in Manchester. If you are a Student taking driving lessons in Manchester with us then please discuss with your driving instructor which driving test centre will best suit your needs.

Intensive Courses

Some Students wish to undertake an intensive course of driving lessons in Manchester because they have a particular period of time by which they need to obtain their driving licence. We provide both a semi intensive crash course of Student driving lessons and a fully intensive crash course of Student driving lessons in Manchester. The semi intensive course consists of up to 2 hours per day of driving lessons in Manchester. The fully intensive course can be up to the duration of 6 hours per day of driving lessons in Manchester.