Driving Lessons in Failsworth, Middleton, Eccles, Prestwich & Whitefield

Learning to drive within Failsworth, Middleton, Eccles, Prestwich & Whitefield

Your nearest test centre we recommend is 3.34 miles away from North Manchester Golf Club - Cheetham Hill (Manchester)

Alderglen Road
Greater Manchester
M8 0AL

Parking: There are 18 parking spaces at this centre
Toilets: Male, female and disabled toilets are available

Disabled access: You can get into the test centre in a wheelchair

The following are just a few of the services that our Driving School in Failsworth, Middleton, Eccles, Prestwich & Whitefield provides

Manual Regular weekly Driving Lessons in Failsworth & Middleton £29 per hr (10 Hour Block Booking £280 )

Manual Regular weekly Driving Lessons in Eccles, Prestwich & Whitefield £29 per hour (10 Hour Block Booking £280)

Middleton and Failsworth are both areas situated North of the City via Oldham Road. We can help you learn to drive in Failsworth or Middleton and our team of driving instructors can teach you the various driving skills to become a safe and competent driver. If you are looking for driving lessons in either of the above areas please let us know. We also cater for weekly driving lessons and intensive driving crash courses in Eccles, Prestwich and Whitefield.

Refresher Driving Lessons in Failsworth Middleton, Eccles, Prestwich, Whitefield start from £29 per hr

If you book refresher driving lessons in Failsworth or Middleton, one option is to build up to a motorway drive because Failsworth and Middleton are situated near the M60 Motorway. Our instructors are also happy to provide refresher lessons or motorway lessons in Eccles, Prestwich or Whitefield.

Mock Tests start from £29.00 per hr

A mock test will help you to understand how the real driving test works and how you match up to the current criteria for passing. It is an important part of your final preparation that will identify if you have any driving faults that need to be sorted out before you do your actual Practical test.

Booking a Driving Test

Booking a driving test means that you have your final goal in sight, which is great! Always check with your driving instructor to make sure that she / he is available on the date that you would like to do your test. The instructor can then book that date into their own diary. If you want to see what dates are available at the different driving test centres across Greater Manchester then you can just click on the DVSA sign at the bottom of this page.

Intensive Courses

If you are motivated to obtain a driving licence over the period of one or two weeks then why not consider booking an intensive driving crash course in Failsworth, Middleton, Eccles, Prestwich or Whitefield? We also have semi intensive driving crash courses available in all of those areas.

Student Driving Lessons Failsworth, Middleton, Eccles, Prestwich & Whitefield

If you are a student at University or College and live in Failsworth, Middleton, Eccles, Prestwich or Whitefield then please let us know if you require student driving lessons. Our team of instructors are ready to help you achieve your goal of obtaining a full UK driving licence. We will plan your driving lessons carefully to ensure that they take place outside of your present timetable of studies.